How to make my dog ​​vomit

We should only cause the vomit of our dog when we are in an emergency situation, because the animal has drunk some detergent or other toxic product or swallowed an object that we know for sure that it will not be able to digest. In any case, we should never make our dog return after it has swallowed a sharp object, since we would multiply the chances of any internal tissue being damaged. In these cases, what we should do is go immediately to the veterinarian. For the first situations, we answer the question of how to make my dog ​​vomit .

Steps to follow:


For the dog to return the toxic or the object that has just eaten, what we have to do is give it a good handful of fat salt.


First, we fill our hand with salt. If we have the help of another person, it must immobilize the animal and hold it by the neck. If we are alone, we must do it ourselves, leaving free the hand in which we have the handful of salt.


The idea is that, to force him to vomit, we can open the mouth of the dog and introduce the salt to the throat, because if we leave it in the oral cavity what it will do is spit it out because of the strong flavor it will notice.


Afterwards, we will wait between five and ten minutes for the dog to vomit . If after this time, it does not, we will repeat the operation, although with a little less salt.


After the vomit of the dog, we will give a stomach protector and go to the veterinarian to make an adequate exploration of the animal, since the toxic product or the object may have come to cause damage before we could return it .


Another way for the dog to vomit is by giving it oxygenated water, at the rate of 1 milliliter of oxygenated water per kilo of weight of the animal. We can supply it in a syringe or mixed with water.


If after fifteen minutes, the dog does not vomit, we can give another dose, but never a third.


These two methods to make the dog vomit should be used in an emergency situation, but it is always preferable that values ​​if it is better to go to a veterinarian to do a stomach wash the animal.