How to make my dog ​​accept a puppy

One of the most traumatic moments in the life of a dog may be the time to share all the love of his master with another dog. If, in addition, it is a puppy, the new tenant will require much more attention and the situation can be very complicated. In we explain how to make my dog ​​accept a puppy.

Steps to follow:


Smell is the first sense that our dog uses to relate. Therefore, it is very important that when we get home with our puppy, the first thing we do is offer it to him, without stopping to hold it in case there is any strange reaction, so that he can smell it.


The first weeks, the place of food and rest of the puppy must be separated from those of our dog and, only, the place of recreation should be common. This way we will prevent our pet from invading its privacy.


After two or three weeks, depending on how we see the behavior of our dog, we can put them to eat and sleep together. If our pet reacts well, he may even adopt the puppy as his own.


In the game time, we must make our dog get involved in the first steps of the puppy . In this way, you will not be left out while taking care of the child and will feel involved in all activities.


In any case, as far as possible, we should not leave aside the customs and routines of walks and games with our dog and, much less, the moments of exchanges of affection, since, otherwise, I would interpret that the new Arrived has stolen his master's attention.