What are the requirements to obtain a credit card?

The payment by debit and credit cards is the most used around the world, since it gives us many facilities such as being able to pay practically in any business without having to carry cash. However, not all people can own such cards, for this we will have to meet criteria that can sometimes depend on the bank or the type of credit card that we want. In this article of .com we will explain what are the requirements to obtain a credit card.

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Steps to follow:


It is important first of all to keep in mind that the specific requirements according to the type of credit card and the bank can vary. For example, if we want to have a card that allows us to have a monthly credit of € 100, 000, we will probably have to document that we received a much higher income than to request a typical card. In this article we will expose the general requirements for any basic type of credit card.


Being of legal age and having an identity document are basic requirements, as for most other procedures related to banks and obtaining credits.


Normally, to obtain a credit card they will ask us to show that we have a good payment history, that is to say that we have never been part of a record of defaulters and that over time we have always been up to date with our debts.


We will also have to give proof that we receive regular and sufficient income to be able to face the credits that we can generate with our card. To do this, depending on our situation we can present an employment contract or our declaration of VAT and IRPF.


Finally, to obtain the credit card we will have to fill out the application document that will be delivered to us at the branch of the bank where we go. Depending on the cases, we can also download the form online and send it by mail.