What are the most sought professions

Every profession is important for the proper functioning of an organization and good experts are needed to carry out the relevant tasks. But it is also true that some jobs are more needed than others, depending on many factors. Annually, Adecco Professional is responsible for developing the study The Most Wanted Profiles, which includes a forecast of which jobs are considered upwards for the coming year. In .com we make a summary about which are the most sought professions in 2014-2015.

Informatic and tecnology

One of the most claimed jobs in 2014-2015. It is expected that it will be the web programmer, the technical manager of web pages and their applications . This is due to the rise of the Internet and the prevailing need of any organization to have a presence in the network, as well as the increase of companies dedicated to the online sector or that operate directly from the Internet.

In the same way, another profile that takes a lot of importance this year in the technological field and that is one of the best quoted is that of the SAP consultant, it is a person who is in charge of the analysis of the internal functioning of the company with the objective to adapt the SAP system (professional software) to the needs of the company.

Financial area

In this area, the forecasts point out that financial analysts will become the most demanded professionals of 2014-2015. Likewise, they will be those who analyze energy projects to whom they will most seek, to analyze the market and help boost the business.


The professions related to engineering, manufacturing and production will also have a lot of output during this year. Especially, the production supervisor profile is considered to be the one that will be the most sought after in this area, while the project engineer becomes the highest paid in this area.

Sales and marketing managers

The sales department also becomes a key point, especially in times of recession, as every company aims to encourage sales and that these do not decline. This is why the commercial technician will be one of the most demanded positions. Within the commercial and marketing area, the costumer experience manager is considered one of the positions that will be better remunerated, for its work of attracting and loyalizing clients.

Specialist doctors

Although in 2014-2015 the health sector will be less demanded than in previous years, it will be the doctors with a specialty who will be most sought, specifically: dermatologists, gynecologists and pediatricians . As for the best paid, will still be the specialized surgeon and, at the same time, will grow the importance of the figure of the sales representative of the scientific-health area.

Other jobs on the rise

In the same way, the report predicts that jobs will grow, such as:

  • Market Access Manager, in the sector of Health Sciences and who is responsible for studying influence groups and optimize the process of launching the market of drugs.
  • Community manager, present in any organization to manage and boost social networks.
  • Analysts and digital consultants who advise organizations on the best online strategies.