How to make my cat more sociable

If we have not been accustomed since being a puppy to our cat to relate normally with other cats or with people, it will be a very difficult task and it will require a lot of patience to achieve it. However, it is possible if we follow a series of guidelines on a constant basis and we can transmit confidence and security to our pet. In .com we answer the question of how to make my cat more sociable .

Steps to follow:


For our cat to be sociable, the first thing we have to achieve is to be safe in its environment. To do this, in addition to providing basic care in terms of food and hygiene, we must give him enough affection through caresses and games, so you can have confidence in your relationships. There is no general norm, each cat needs a different level of attention and he himself will be the one who calls attention until he is not satisfied.


When someone comes home that is not a regular member of the household, we will not force the cat to be sociable . Although there are felines who are overcome by curiosity and come to sniff, it is normal that the first reaction of our pet is to withdraw, especially if the guests are unruly and loud children. We must not forget that cats hear five times more than we do, so that a scream can be a torture for him and it is not strange to hide.


When the visitors take a while at home, it is when we should go to look for the cat and, in our arms, bring it to people unknown to him. We will let you smell them and, after having closed the room so that the animal can not leave, we will leave it on the ground. Although he will first retire to a corner, little by little he will leave his retreat to approach all the people who are in the house.


If we act in this way every time someone comes to visit us, our cat will become more and more sociable . If we consider it necessary, we can go a step further and try to take the pet for a walk, although we must consider that a cat can be completely happy locked in the walls of an apartment. In any case, if we are going to take it out, we have to be especially rigorous with the vaccination calendar to prevent the cat from getting sick.


Before going outside, we have to buy a special necklace for cats that we will find in any pet store. Otherwise, we run the risk of the cat being scared, escaped and lost. If we are going to transport it in a car, it is preferable that we put a diaper sheet that we can buy in a pharmacy.


The first days, it is better that we take the cat to socialize in a green area where there is not excessive competition from people or other animals. We can take advantage of the hours of food, in which the parks are usually empty.


Once the cat is used to going outside, it is when we must introduce it to live with other people and animals and make it more sociable . It is unlikely that we will find other cats walking, but many dogs. We have to be very careful because a badly given blow can be deadly for a tiny dog. Also, our pet may be in danger if a large dog attacks it.