What is the salary of executives in Spain

When determining which are the jobs that receive the best salaries in Spain, we must point out that they are the management positions, as well as the engineering sector and new technologies. While it is true that these salaries can vary a lot between companies, the fact is that managers are the ones who charge the most due to the high level of responsibility that comes with their positions. So you can learn more about the subject, we explain in more detail what is the salary of managers in Spain.

Posts better paid

In Spain, positions with a higher salary are those that are placed in management positions, along with those in the engineering and new technologies sector. In the first case, of course, it is due to the great responsibility that comes with occupying the command of a company and that, therefore, it is necessary that it be reflected in the salary of the managers.

On the other hand, the salary of engineers and specialists in technology has also been increased in recent times, due to the need to find professionals from these sectors to develop all kinds of technological projects. Especially managers of production plants, maintenance managers, quality managers, etc.

How much managers charge in Spain

If we talk about CEOs in Spain, it should be noted that in 2012 their average salary stood at € 52, 566; if we talk about other charges such as office managers, purchasing managers, operations managers and managers their salary stood at € 46, 696 gross. This implies that this last salary increased by 19% compared to 2011, while a financial director in 2012 received on average a maximum of € 40, 446, which is a reduction of 4% compared to the previous year.

Regarding engineering positions and new technologies, their average salary was € 50, 062 gross per year in 2012, so the growth was 8% compared to 2011 and 26% compared to 2008. Other examples are the design engineers who received € 42, 169 gross per year or computer architects whose average salary was € 40, 126.

How to find employment for managers

When opting for a managerial position, it is necessary to be well prepared, as well as to put the effort and have the tools and means necessary for it. This is where the portals specialized in jobs for managers, social networks, networking, coaching, headhunters, etc. come into play. You can see here some tips on how to apply for a high level job.