How to use social networks to sell

Selling through social networks is something more and more used by companies since the product or service can reach more public than it could reach using other advertising channels. It is about the new way of promoting products or services in which the opinion and the criterion of the users of the networks is essential to achieve the desired objectives.

Online marketing is a new way of understanding advertising. Companies must catch up to increase their sales, and that they can use the maximum possible channels for it. Conventional advertising is combined with advertising made by users themselves, with the opinions they generate about products or services on Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc. In .com we explain how you can promote your products or services and how to use social networks to sell effectively.

A new way to sell

Social networks provide the possibility to sell products or services reaching multiple users, also connected to each other. This hyperconnectivity should be used in favor of the sale of the product or service. Disregarding this differentiating factor can be a serious mistake, a bad comment about a product or service can run like wildfire in the network and have disastrous consequences.

That is why it is important to use this factor to our benefit. Encouraging a good opinion in the networks about our product or service can become the best advertising campaign at a very low cost, the key is to listen to the users and determine what their needs are. YouTube is full of reviews on many products, if you look at what users think of the products related to which we intend to sell, we can improve it taking into account how they qualify our competitors.

If we solve a need or lack with the product or service in question and put it at the service of users to comment on it and publish it on the networks, it will have a multiplying effect that will create the curiosity of other users and push them to buy, test and review, which will cause it to go viral. We already have a full-fledged marketing campaign, the work is done by the users themselves.

Steps to sell on social networks

Once you have realized the potential that you can have for your business to sell through social networks, you only have to use them for your purpose. For this it is important that you follow the following steps:

Become visible in social networks

Create corporate profiles in different social networks, you must take care of the aesthetic, creating a corporate image if you do not have it yet. It must be active, that is, it must be frequently nurtured with content related to the brand and the sector, that the user be cared for and, above all, his opinion be taken into account. You must have a direct contact with this, enhancing the interaction with promotions, facilitating samples of the product or giving lectures or free courses. Remember that not all social networks are the same, therefore, you must adapt the content to each of them.

Encourage your users to talk about the product or service

If we facilitate our users access to our products or services we can ask them to give their opinion of it through networks or blogs. There are numerous "influencers" or users who have many followers who value their opinion for their impartiality and honesty. You must identify those who are familiar with your sector and offer samples or put them in contact with your product or service so they can value it in social networks. Obviously, if we promote a product of good quality, the reviews will be good and those that are negative should be used to improve the shortcomings of the product or service.

Take care of the brand image and your social profiles

It is important that we know how to use the resources we have in the social networks to enhance our promotion of the product or service. For this, in addition to having a good corporate image, it is important to provide quality content, take care of the images that are hung and resort to videos in which the operation of the product or service can be seen and that solve the possible doubts that a potential client I could have about it.

Online customer service

Users must be served by the same means of contact through which they have accessed, therefore, if they access through social networks should be answered through them. Do not neglect them and, if necessary, assign someone to take care of this need. The communication must be fast and fluid, otherwise the user will change the product or supplier.

Assess the possibility of creating an e-commerce

It is interesting that values ​​the possibility of creating an online store. It is a very useful tool that more and more people use. Comfort is a determining factor for a purchase to be consummated.

How to have a competitive website

Another of the most important things to have online presence apart from social networks is to create a powerful corporate website in which the following should appear:

  • Corporate image and brand logo.
  • A visual and attractive home page.
  • It should be a page of easy navigation, clear and that facilitates the user to access the desired product or content quickly and easily.
  • Connection with corporate social profiles.
  • Corporate blog
  • Landing pages or landing pages that promote the product or service and are included with organic positioning campaigns (SEO) or online marketing campaigns in search engines such as Google.
  • An online store or, failing that, an extensive catalog of products and services with excellent images, extensive descriptions and promotional videos.
  • A multichannel customer service that includes telephone, e-mail, live chat and through comments on social networks or the blog.