How to make my cat not mark territory

Cats mark territory in different ways, all with the common denominator that they are unpleasant or even cause damage in the home. The most notorious way that felines have to mark territory is leaving a small trace of urine, although they can also do it with scratches. To get rid of these signals caused by your pet, we answer the question of how to make my cat not mark territory.

Steps to follow:


Well, most felines do not need to mark territory when they feel very safe in their home and have the feeling that they are the real masters of the house. This happens when they do not have the competence of any other pet in the house or when there is not a small child that can steal the attention of their masters.


If your pet starts to leave traces of urine or scratches because a new cat has come home or a baby, what you have to do to keep your cat from marking territory is to make him feel that your love for him remains intact. An alternative is placing all your belongings, bed, sandpit, food, in a part of the house to which the new pet does not have access or where your baby will not be.


In this way, the cat will feel the owner of his domain and will not feel the need to urinate outside the sandbox or scratch furniture to be noticed and record that he is the owner of what he considers his possessions. Read this article if you are interested in how to teach your cat not to scratch furniture.


If for whatever reason you consider that this first option so that your cat does not mark territory is not viable, you have other alternatives. To avoid scratches, protect the corners of furniture with fabrics. Felines especially like vertical and voluminous surfaces. Place scrapers at key points so that your pet has a place to sharpen their nails.


As for urine, the issue is harder to solve. You can buy powdered pheromone products that you should apply at your cat's favorite places to mark. In principle, the cat will stop peeing in these areas when you smell the product. We recommend you consult the article How to prevent my cat from urinating the house.


You should know that cats have another way of marking territory that is usually more enjoyable for their masters. It's about leaving your pheromones on different surfaces approaching them. So, when your kitten passes his neck and head around your ankles in what may seem like a sign of affection, in reality what he does is place his pheromones on your body to record that he considers you his property.