How to work in TNT as a delivery boy

Currently we can see how there are many transport companies that are looking for distributors on a regular basis. One of the best valued transport and parcel companies in Spain is TNT. It is a freight transport company that has 70 centers and a workforce of 4, 200 workers, who can offer delivery and collection of parcels and envelopes in all the Spanish provinces.

Currently TNT is in the expansion phase and already serves half the world with the help of a staff of some 169, 400 people. The philosophy of employment of TNT is very clear, they know that success and leadership depend directly on their workers who are able to offer the best service and operate anywhere in the world, that is why they offer the best conditions to their professionals. In addition, if you want to work abroad, in TNT you can do it in the 63 countries where they have presence, having the possibility of knowing other cultures and languages. If you want to know how to work in TNT as a delivery boy, keep reading this article where we will tell you the details.

Send the curriculum to TNT through its website

The best way to get a job at TNT is to go to their official website and go to the "Work on TNT" section that you will see at the bottom of the page. There you will find the offers that are currently available for the different TNT centers, as well as the option to send your curriculum vitae to them directly.

Remember to check if you really meet the conditions they ask for in your offers before sending your resume and that it is clear that you meet them and all data and availability.

Deliver the curriculum at the TNT centers

Another good option is to submit the CV as it was done before having easy access to the Internet, that is, delivering the curriculum vitae in hand in the stores or centers of the company . So, you simply have to locate the TNT center closest to the area where you live and give your resume there to the manager or manager of the center so they can evaluate it when they need to hire someone.

Job portals

Another of the most practical ways to get a job today is to go to job portals and look for published offers that the company that interests us, TNT in this case, have open. Right there you can create a profile of the jobs website and leave your CV along with other information, such as letters of recommendation, in the offer itself.