How to train an Argentine bulldog

The Argentine bulldog is a bulldog-type Molossian breed, white in color although it can sometimes show some spot, large size and strong appearance. It is a very intelligent dog with a firm and energetic temperament that, due to this, has the facility to get bored, so it is necessary that it receives an adequate education and training and that many activities are also carried out with it. It is a dog that constantly seeks the satisfaction of its master and, therefore, the training of obedience and practical uses is very effective. We are going to give you some tips and guidelines to educate this powerful dog and you will see that he will end up becoming the perfect friend for the whole family. Remember to start your pet's education at a young age so that it is easier to achieve and as effective as possible. Keep reading this .com article and discover how to train an Argentine bulldog .

Steps to follow:


The Argentine bulldog is very sensitive to severe treatment, so physical punishment is not recommended. They are very receptive dogs to the positive reinforcement during the training, insisting on rewarding the positive behaviors and ignoring the inadequate ones, not punishing them, you will see that this dog learns very fast and will be happy. Use constant but friendly corrections, try to use more body language than verbal and, sometimes if necessary, you can put a firm tone of voice and you will see how you will notice progress sooner than you think.


To know how to train an Argentine bulldog, you have to consider that being very smart, you can get bored easily with repetitive and useless tasks. Therefore, it is important that the obedience training sessions last a short time, with a maximum of 15 or 20 minutes of training per session, although two sessions per day can be done. During that time he tries to teach him different things, including fun and ordinary tasks, that is, make him look for and bring a ball but also teach him to feel when you ask him. If you alternate them, your dog will have a great time and will react with enthusiasm instead of getting bored. Another aspect to keep in mind is that your training should be intense, you should try a lot of exercise. If you live in the city, it is important that you have a high routine of daily exercises.


It is essential that your Argentine bulldog have enough outdoor space to run and explore at will . If you do not live in the country, try to go to a safe area for dogs in the city where you can jog at least a few times a day or several times a week. Because of his innate hunter instinct, it is not recommended that you let him loose if you go to the field, especially if he is not yet well trained, because if he finds a prey he will act according to this instinct and, in addition, he may end up losing himself. If you are going to run in the field, it is better to buy a long strap like the ones used in the tracking tests and so you can give it some free rein while you exercise together. We invite you to read this article if you have questions about how to run with your dog.


Regarding training at home, you must bear in mind that the Argentine bulldog is an excellent companion for the whole family, because it is an affectionate, affectionate, attentive and very loyal animal. It is a race that desires physical and emotional contact at all costs with its human companions and with other dogs. However, it is not as frequent as we could imagine that this race suffer the dreaded separation anxiety. In addition, he is a perfect friend to live with children, since he is patient and very good. If you also educate your children to respect him, they can play in a thousand different ways with him without emitting any moan or grunt.

Although he is a hunter dog, not a vigilant one as many people believe, thanks to the great family bond if he notices something unusual he will protect his loved ones without thinking twice. When this race meets a family, the relationship is so close that the changes will not be good for him, so this bulldog is a pet of only one family. If something happened, it could seriously affect his mood. With this special relationship, the training will be much easier than it may seem at the beginning.


To train an Argentine bulldog and have a good relationship with all members of the family, especially with children, you must socialize at an age as early as possible but, of course, when they are adults can also be educated and taught new things, but in principle there will be less simple than when they are puppies. Due to its nature, you will have an unlimited patience with the whole family, partly due to your need of attention and to receive affection. Although it is a very patient, affectionate and suitable for children, we must not allow these to exceed this, as they must learn to live with any living being under the love and respect and thus receive much more in return. However, the bulldog may not react the same to other domestic animals because of his hunting instinct, may have the impulse to pursue them and make coexistence impossible. Therefore, it is vital that if this dog is going to live with other pets, be they cats, rodents or birds, educate him from a young age so that he gets used to them and always do it with positive reinforcement.


If you give an Argentine bulldog an education in the basics from very small, you inform yourself well on how to walk your dog and offer daily walks and regular exercise, a proper diet, allow you to interact with all kinds of people and with others dogs without any fear, you let him discover his environment and you train him in exercises of basic orders and other more complex and even in agility, you will find a furry companion of the happiest that will give back everything you give him. Remember that you should always go to a dog education professional or an ethologist whenever you think your dog has problems that you just can not solve. Also, if it has been helpful to know how to train an Argentine bulldog, you may want to know how to train a puppy.