How to know the announcements of the oppositions

Public employment is a good way to find a job, even if it is a long-term career and in which competition is not lacking, especially in recent years. However, if it is not clear to which type of position to opt, it is always a good idea to consult the open calls for the next months. Likewise, many opponents study for years waiting for the call they expect to leave, so they are also permanently waiting. From we give you some simple resources on how to know the calls of the oppositions.

Steps to follow:


Check the specialized websites in the search for calls . There are many of this type, such as Public Employment, Search Oppositions, Opossum and, among others. You will be able to look for the calls to oppositions of municipal, provincial, autonomic, national and European scope, to look for by province or by professional area, by educative level and by other parameters.


You can consult the web pages of the specialized editorials in agendas to prepare for exams, which almost always include a search engine and allow you to subscribe by email to the newsletters that automatically notify you of the oppositions that interest you. Some examples are the web pages of Editorial MAD or Cen Oppositions .


Online job portals, such as Infojobs, also offer the possibility of seeking competitive exams and creating personalized alerts by email.


If you want to submit a specific call, for example from Justice, you can directly consult the web page of the organization responsible for convening them, in this case the Ministry, which includes information on public employment notices, transfer competitions and interim personnel. and general information on public employment.


Use the BOE a la Carte service, available on the website of the Official State Gazette, with which you can configure your alerts to be aware of the oppositions that interest you. You must pre-register or log in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account. In the same way, you can consult and configure automatic notices on the web pages of the official bulletins of your Autonomous Community, Provincial Council or City Council.