How to protect children from electricity

They are what we love most, but sometimes they can also be small nightmares with legs. Those who have children running around will know what we mean and will be used to walk with a thousand eyes. In .com we will give you some practical advice on how to protect children from electricity, one of the dangers that threaten our children at home.

Hide or hide

The plugs and cables seem to have a kind of magnet for the little ones, especially when they are at that age when their way of discovering things is by touching them. As much as we try to prevent it, we only have a couple of hands and it is necessary to anticipate events by other means.

To protect them there are several solutions, some decorative, others that serve to hide dangerous elements. In short, we have a wide variety of products that can keep the kings of the house at bay (and safe).


It is important to try that the cables do not get loose and are too loose if there is a child nearby. Falls, table lamps or laptops shattered by the floor and accidents like that, are the most common scares. To avoid them, it is best to fasten them to the wall with staples or special strips.

You can also choose not to hide them, but remove them from the danger zone with style and use them as decoration, as you see in this curious example.


The plug protectors are a great little idea. There are some that just cover and hide them and also allow us to use the plug without removing them.

Others, like the ones in the photo, are funny figurines that close the holes of the plugs that are not used too much and in the process give them a funny touch. The important thing in this case is to try to place them without the child seeing us, so he does not discover the "trap".

As with cable protectors, we can choose to camouflage them as is or take advantage of a different touch to our home.

Do you dare to try some of these ideas?