How to position my website in Google

The SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) are a series of techniques applied to a web page that serve to position it as best as possible in a search engine. Currently SEO has been almost 100% oriented to Google, since it has a 95% market share in Spain. There are two major areas to work on SEO : on the one hand, the internal one through actions to be carried out on your own website and, on the other hand, the external one that includes strategies and actions focused on getting links from other web pages. In this article we will explain how to do SEO on site, that is, on the website itself so you can learn how to position a web page in Google.

Steps to follow:


First select on which search engine you will perform the optimization. It should be Google since, as has been said, it has almost 100% use in terms of search engines.


An indispensable step will be to read the rules of use that Google offers to all webmasters, so that you can understand a little better what steps you should follow for search engine spiders to index your website.

If reading it seems to be too complicated to perform this task yourself, it is best to opt for requesting service from web positioning professionals who can help you correctly position your website in the search engines.


Create your web page taking into account all the rules you have read. Also keep in mind the following aspects:

  • one concept on each page
  • the speed of the web should be the best possible
  • the urls must be understandable by a human
  • There must be consistency between: page title, h1, url and description


Create a hierarchical web architecture . Put a link to the most important sections of the website on the home page.

Likewise, you should know that Google recommends not to put more than 100 internal links per page. It is also advisable not to put less than 20. At the same time, do not abuse external links and, if you include them, they are important websites in your sector.


It generates quality content. The content must be unique, proper and of value to the user. You can take content from other pages but you must add value and other content that you have taken from another website. In SEO, content is king .


Make the page go fast. One of the 200 factors that influence the positioning of a website is the speed of execution of each page. In the same way, it will be essential that you choose a good web design that guarantees accessibility from all electronic devices and allows the user to navigate with ease.


Update your website often . The freshness of content and changes in the web is something that Google also values, so it will be essential that you create relevant texts and maintain the website up to date to get well positioned in the search engine.

  • To analyze the SEO performance of your website, register with Google Webmaster Tools and you can monitor that there are no problems.
  • Register in Google Analytics, it will also help you in web analytics issues.