How to plan a media campaign

The planning of an advertising campaign, seeks to find the best means and supports to reach our target audience. Or put another way, that our potential customers are impacted by our advertising campaign, consume the medium they consume, look at the support they see. In essence, media planning seeks to optimize the advertising investment that the brand makes in the media in order to achieve the maximum results for the brand at the lowest possible cost.

In .com we give you some key tips so you can discover how to plan a media campaign .

Steps to follow:


The planning of online media, or we should talk about planning in digital media to incorporate the strategy in the actions on mobile devices, is not far from what is a traditional planning. In order to reach our target audience, the planners develop a strategy that should achieve good coverage in the media that our audience consumes and that should respond to the needs that the client has, that is, the campaign objectives .


These objectives, which can range from generating brand image to getting conversions in the form of sales or records, through traffic to the site, will be the basis on which to develop our strategy. The strategy, therefore, must respond to the objectives set by the client .


From this strategy, we will develop the campaign tactics . In this tactic we will decide, through different tools of audience measurement, which supports are the most adequate to impact our audience and, therefore, we should use. These tools tell us which sites our target visits and, consequently, in which sites we should plan the campaign to capture this potential audience.


This tactic should also respond to the seasonality of the campaign as well as the formats we should use, and even if we are going to use re-marketing techniques (impact a potential client multiple times) or rich media (video) creatives.


In short, and in a very short, planning seeks to weave a strategy that manages to impact our potential client, avoiding wasting impressions on a target that is not of our interest, with the aim that most of the audience impacted by our campaign is our target.