How to patent an idea

Sometimes we come up with ideas that are unique and unrepeatable. It is not surprising that many people wonder if something can be done so that nobody takes ownership of something that started from their creativity. Yes there is a solution to the problem and it is to patent the idea, it tells you what to do to be the owner of your own idea and know how to patent an idea .

Steps to follow:


As soon as you have the idea, go to the Spanish Patent Office. But to do this, make sure you first know the patent system, the payment of the fees, and know how to write a patent memory, which is fundamental when it comes to registering your idea.


The above information can be found without problems on the website of the Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM).


Write on a folio face the fundamental aspects of your idea and why it is believed to be novel.


Once in the patent office, request a patent technological report or a patentability report. This can be requested by delivering the folio you have written before about the benefits of your idea.


Once you have the report, if it is negative, look for projects that resemble yours and if you continue in the effort to patent an idea, try to improve existing inventions or think of another alternative.


When you have it, write the patent and go to a patent office to request the corresponding forms that you must deliver after having paid the fees.


Once the fees have been paid, if there is no formal inconvenience and all the documentation is in order, the patent will be published in about 18 months . From there, the patent fees will have to be paid each year.