How to organize to study oppositions

Normally we resemble preparing an opposition process with studying. Many opponents believe that pouring all their strength into studying is the key to success to get a place. That's true, nobody gets the place without studying but there are a few steps before sitting before the agenda that you must take into account to get the most out of it. If you already know which exams to prepare, in .com we offer you the tricks that will lead you to success on how to organize to study competitive exams .

Steps to follow:


The first step to organize your opposition is to find the essential tools of any opponent: agenda, preparation of oppositions and work tools.


One of the key factors to organize when studying competitions is that you find your corner of work . It is time to choose the place where you will spend long periods of study, and is that to get a place in an opposition you must have your own space to spend your time studying.

If you do not have an exclusive area in your home, you can find a nearby study center or library where you will surely find people in your same circumstances. Keep in mind that to prepare an opposition, you will need a noise-free and orderly area that will transmit calm and confidence.


The return to school has begun! You have to equip yourself with work tools to get down to work. Buy pens, pencils and phosphorescent markers to work on your opposition with all the necessary material to underline, annotate and summarize.


If you have space, we recommend that you acquire a cork board where you can post the most important events (simulations of exams, courses, seminars, appointments with the examiner, inscriptions, etc.). It will be the axis of your opposition process and your guide to know how to organize to study oppositions.


In addition, it stipulates the hours of study that you will allocate to the opposition. We advise you not to fall into the error of thinking that a greater number of hours of study is equivalent to a higher performance. The oppositions are a long distance race and, for that same reason, you must dose.

The most important thing is that you take it as a working day; In this way, you can initially allocate a half-day and gradually increase until you reach full-time.


Each month, try to perform an exam essay or what is commonly referred to as an mock examination of opposition . It is an infallible method of self-evaluation that will allow you to know how you are assimilating the agenda and will allow you to refresh the content.


When it comes to studying, it is foolproof that you follow the study techniques popularly recommended so that you retain the maximum content: quick reading, in depth reading with underline, summary and outline. Remember that preparing an opposition requires ample memory capacity because they are extensive agendas and between one call for opposition and another one passes a lot of time.


We recommend that you stipulate one day a week for the review of topics that you have already studied. Although I may be lazy, it is an infallible method to increase your self-esteem and consolidate knowledge.

  • Planning and motivation are the cornerstones to approve an opposition.