How to prevent my dog ​​from getting lost

Pet owners face a constant fear : that the animal goes astray and can not find it. But in the case of dogs it is possible to train the animal and take some measures so that, if it happens, we can recover them easily. In .com we explain how to prevent your dog from getting lost .

Steps to follow:


One of the best alternatives to find your dog if it is lost is to insert the microchip. This process is carried out by the veterinarians without representing an annoyance for the animal, on the contrary it is very useful to avoid that it is lost, so do not hesitate to consult a specialist about the subject


From small our dogs must carry a chain with a plaque that identifies them and in which they appear your contact data, of this form if somebody finds the animal will be able to return it easily


It is necessary that from puppy your dog knows the area where he lives perfectly. The animals are located in their environment by smell, so take it out for a walk on your street and the streets near your home, take it to the parks in the area and take the road back home through different routes so that in case of loss the dog knows how to go home


It is always advisable to walk the dog on a leash, because before anything that stimulates the animal could leave the race and we would lose sight of it. If your dog comes out a few times from home it is even more advisable to use the chain


It is important that your dog interacts with other people, because if it is lost it will not be nervous if someone who wants to help tries to get closer, this is one of the many reasons why we recommend that you take it out for a walk


As always the best advice is prevention, always keep your pet attentive, keep an eye on it and do not leave the house in an oversight and when you take it out for a walk do not take your eyes off it