How to improve internal communication in the company

Maintaining good relations in the company, ensuring the proper handling of information at the internal level and favoring the realization of activities that guarantee and improve the work environment are some of the functions performed when there is good internal communication . In large organizations there is a department that manages communications, however in medium and small companies it is common not to find it, but this must not be ignored. That's why in .com we give you some keys to discover how to improve the internal communication of the company and ensure an adequate work environment.

Steps to follow:


Having good internal communication in the company is essential to ensure a comfortable work environment in which decisions are made transparently. Secrecy and rumors are often very damaging to the internal image of the organization and also to its employees, so they should be avoided as much as possible by learning to channel all that information of internal interest in an appropriate manner.


Some of the advantages of good internal communication are:

  • A better relationship between employees, who will feel that they work in a safe work environment in which decisions and changes are communicated effectively and transparently.
  • A better development of the work of each one of the employees. When all the members of the organization are aware of the strengths, weaknesses and goals that you want to achieve, you can work to achieve them in a much more effective way.
  • The rumors and gossip are completely suppressed, the important information reaches effectively to all those involved without secrecy.
  • Encourages the resolution of problems effectively allowing everyone to be aware and participate in important changes and decisions of the company.


An excellent way to promote and improve the internal communication of the office is the realization of monthly or bi-monthly newsletters in which all the employees are informed about the organization's news in various aspects: new hires, recent acquisitions or mergers, personal achievements or departmental, successes achieved or new goals to be determined.

This bulletin may be the responsibility of the HR department, marketing, communications or, in the case of smaller organizations, be developed even by managers or coordinators of different areas.


But what if your company is too small for a newsletter? In smaller organizations this measure can be exaggerated, however it is always possible to inform employees about changes, achievements and new strategic plans through a more informal but equally effective means: email .

It allows all your employees to be aware of what happens in the organization in an effective way, being able to be participants in the changes and evolution of it.


A classic and very simple measure to improve the internal communication of a company is to place a bulletin board or bulletin board in a common meeting area, for example the dining room or the kitchen. In this bulletin you can publish interesting information such as the entry of new employees, birthdays, some informal communications of the organization and also allow employees to make their own announcements through this medium.

A company in which its workers feel comfortable expressing themselves is usually a successful organization with a good work environment.


If you want employees to be informed and communicate properly, then frequent team meetings can not be missed. The departments should be encouraged to meet frequently to draw action plans and strategies and also to address new organizational changes. But at the same time it is important that at least once a year there is a meeting with all the members of the company, an activity carried out preferably outside the organization in which the employees can share and participate while they are informed about of the state of the company and of all the changes and timely updates.


The realization of corporate didactic events outside the office in which all employees or coordinators of all areas participate is also an excellent alternative to promote a better internal relationship, which will end up favoring internal communication. Employees must feel part of the organization, a fundamental aspect to ensure job satisfaction.


If your goal is to improve the internal communication of the company, we also recommend:

  • Communicate directly and immediately with any employee whose work performance is not as expected. As workers it is important to know what we fail and how to improve.
  • If there is a conflict between two employees, you must intercede in order to resolve it. Letting it go unnoticed can significantly harm the work environment in the organization.
  • When an employee has a complaint or feels dissatisfied with something should be heard and their problem should be channeled and taken care of. The coordinators, managers and bosses are responsible for the welfare of the workers.
  • The praise and achievements should also be communicated effectively as part of the plan to motivate employees.
  • In case of any major change or decision that affects the employees of the organization, it must be communicated effectively and as soon as possible.