How to maintain a Spa

Having the possibility of having a spa in our own home, is without a doubt a great privilege. And there is no better alternative to relax, disconnect from the day-to-day worries and give our muscles a good rest. However, these require maintenance and special attention in order to preserve themselves in good condition and become spaces for health and well-being. In .com we explain how to maintain a spa easily.

Steps to follow:


Like swimming pools or whirlpools, spas also require periodic maintenance to keep the structure and water in good condition. Consulting with a professional team during the first stages is important, so you can determine what particular care you require the type of spa you have chosen.


The maintenance of water is our main task at the moment of keeping the good condition of our Spa. It is important to pay attention to the Ph level of the water, to avoid that it becomes too acidic or irregular.

The water pH of our spa should always be maintained between 7.2 and 7.6 and should be measured and checked daily. If this aspect is neglected, the quality of the water is lost, giving way to the possible formation of organisms that put at risk the health of all users.


The disinfectant is also another important aspect, because as with swimming pools, the accumulation of bodily waste from users, if not properly eliminated, could affect water quality and cause diseases.

A special product should be used to disinfect spas, measuring daily the level of residual bromine, which should be kept between 3 and 6 ppm.

The most convenient is to install a Ph and bromine residual meter in your spa, and check it daily.


Every two weeks it is important to clean the filter of our spa, to eliminate dirt and debris that could affect its proper functioning. It is also essential to use anti-limestone products in areas where the water is too hard, you should apply once a week and when you change your spa water. In this way we will be able to preserve the structure in a better state.


The heat of the water, frequent use and waste often cause foam to form on the surface of our spa water. The most advisable thing is to add an antifoam to the water when this happens. In the same way, the use of an algaecide once a week is recommended, to avoid the formation of algae in our spa.


Once a month or every 40 days we must completely empty our spa and make a water change. At that time, it is advisable to apply a degreaser to the walls of the structure to eliminate the particles of grease that normally adhere to the walls. Take the opportunity to deep clean your spa.

During the change of water do not forget to apply the antiscale and the algicide. In the event that you feel that the maintenance of your spa will take too much time, you can hire the services of a specialized company to perform the work. Remember that it is very important to dedicate the care and attention to your spa, to conserve it over time and also ensure your health and enjoyment.