How to prevent my dog ​​from stealing food

One of the problems that most dog owners face is the gluttonous nature of these pets, who are able to eat their food, steal food from other animals, rummage in our trash or street containers and even get in our dish when we are distracted. Correcting this behavior requires patience on our part, in .com we give you some keys so you can learn how to prevent your dog from stealing food .

Steps to follow:


Many people think that their dog steals food because they do not feed it well, but if your animal is eating the right amount for its age and activity you should not worry about this. Take into account that they are very gluttonous animals that love to eat and will always be willing to try something new and different to the feed


From puppies we must accustom them to always eat from their bowl and feed only with feed and special dog biscuits. If you give him your food from time to time or you are one of those who throws the dog something that is cooking, logically the animal will develop a taste for these foods and ask you every time I see you eating


What to do if it is too late for this, because in principle have a lot of patience because it will cost you twice to correct the behavior. Start by making your dog understand that the "leader of the pack" is you and not him, you can get it with a simple step, serve your food always after you have eaten


If you want to make it very obvious then fill your bowl with feed, place it in a place that he can not access and right next to the bowl, while the animal watches you, eat anything (a fruit, a cookie etc) and then place the bowl in his usual place for him to eat. Repeat this process for at least a week, in this way you let the animal understand that they are not the same and that he has his time to eat and you have yours


Our food should never be within reach of the pet, it will do anything to get a piece of chicken or meat and anything else that seems pleasant. Preferably do not allow the animal to enter the kitchen when you are preparing food or to be nearby when they are eating, thus avoiding attacks of anxiety and gluttony


Many dogs love to steal food from the garbage, to avoid it, place your container inside a closet and make sure it is well covered, in this way the animal will not be able to access it. If you can find a way to do this, you can find a special, non-toxic, bitter-tasting product in the pet shops that serves to correct this behavior.


The animal must understand that stealing food is not correct, so when you find it doing it you must take it delicately and energetically say NO, in this way you will understand that you should not do it. You may have to repeat this action several times before you correct your behavior


In the street, when you walk your dog, it is much more difficult to avoid poking at the bins and bins, so you must have a very firm hand to control it and move it away from these places when you notice that you are ready to look for food


If you have a puppy do not forget that dogs have the ability to develop habits very quickly, if you have used to give human food from time to time and reward it with foods that are not proper to their consumption is normal for the dog to appreciate them. The firmer we are during the first months, the better behavior the animal will have as it grows