How to keep accounts without an accountant

Managing our accounting accurately, both personally and in the case of a business, is essential to achieve the economic goals that we draw and advance our projects in an accurate manner. To get it we usually use the services of an accountant, but what are the options when we want to dispense with this professional? In .com we explain how to keep accounts without an accountant .

Steps to follow:


If you want to save money and do not pay the services of an accountant, but do not consider that you can take your accounting yourself, the best alternative is to opt for an online accounting manager like Tugestionline. This service allows you to receive advice and accounting and tax solutions for natural and legal persons at the best prices and without the need to move. It is a perfect option for those who appreciate practicality, savings and also enjoy efficient care.


If you decide to take the accounting yourself without the help of a professional or an online accounting manager, it is important to take into account that order is essential.

First of all, we recommend you keep an account book in which you record all your income and expenses daily, in this way you will be able to record the basic accounting data to keep your accounts clear.


The carrying out of balances on a frequent basis is equally important to keep the accounts without an accountant, as they will allow us to establish all income and expenses and detect any irregularities in accounting. You can do it on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your activity.


It is also important that you keep track of all those fixed expenses that you have monthly and that can not be ignored: water, electricity, telephone, payroll if it is a business or if you have employees under your charge, etc. should be included in this field.


It is possible that you carry these records yourself and that at the moment you have an accountant to clarify any questions or make your tax payments. You can opt for an accountant or use an online accounting manager to carry out this task successfully.