How to keep the accounts of a bar

When it comes to running a bar, there are many tasks that we must manage in addition to being behind the bar. One of the most important and at the same time laborious is to keep the accounting of the business, to have a total control of income and expenses and then be able to present the accounts to the relevant Administration . In this article we explain you more about how to keep the accounts of a bar.

Steps to follow:


First of all, it should be noted that managing the accounting of a bar is not a banal task, but it is essential to keep accounts up to date and thus have a comprehensive control of all business income and expenses.


In this way, you must have a book of accounts with everything you spend and everything you enter to be able to take stock and know if the accounts are positive or negative. Here you should write down all types of sales, but also all direct expenses such as payments to suppliers, and indirect costs: electricity, water, etc.


In addition, other expenses to be borne must be taken into account, such as taxes and social security charges, for example, from waiters, cooks and other personnel hired.


The accounting must be kept up to date and each month you must close the accounts of the previous month. In some occasions, it is difficult to reconcile these tasks with those of the day to day in the bar, so that the owners of many bars decide to outsource these accounting tasks.


In the same way, you can choose to request the services of online accounting managers who are authentic professionals who facilitate your work through the Internet, as in the case of Tugestionline. They offer a new system of management of your business for which you do not need to have knowledge of accounting, very simple to use since it provides all the information required to carry out the labor, tax and accounting procedures.