How to enter money in ING

ING is a bank that belongs to the Dutch group ING Group, an entity that has grown rapidly in Spain for two simple reasons: they offer an effective Internet banking system and do not charge commissions for their services. This makes it an especially attractive alternative for young people and for those who are tired of the traditional financial institutions that charge for transfers, checks, debit cards among others. However, being an online system is normal to ask us how to enter money in ING, that's why in .com we answer it in detail.

How to enter cash in ING

To enter cash in ING, you must do the same as in any other bank: go to an ING office and enter the desired account there. It is also possible to do it through an ING ATM, which are usually located at the headquarters of their branches.

Another alternative is to go to a 4B ATM that allows you to perform this operation, however you should know that not all ATMs allow it, as this will depend directly on the office. Thus, the fastest and most direct way is to go to an ING office.

How to deposit money in ING by electronic transfer

The advantage of ING is precisely its online banking system and the fact that they do not charge for making or receiving transfers. Thus, you can enter money to ING in two ways:

  • If you are not an ING client, you can make an electronic transfer from your entity's website to ING, which will have the cost stipulated by your bank.
  • If you are an ING customer you can request a cash transfer, in this mode ING asks your other bank for the transfer of a certain amount of cash at no cost. To carry out this operation you must be the owner of both accounts and have the account of the other associated entity in your ING client area.