How to make a strategic sales plan

Making a strategic sales plan is a task that, in the same way that it can be complex, in the long term offers multiple advantages and benefits to the company. It is a matter of developing a document that details and establishes the necessary bases to improve the sales processes and that allows a greater growth in the following fiscal year. It also allows to establish objectives and control their compliance, being able to evaluate what is being done right or wrong. In the following article, we detail the main aspects to take into account to make a strategic sales plan .

Steps to follow:


The first step to develop a good strategic sales plan is to stop at the analysis of certain issues that will provide us with the necessary bases to develop it optimally. Among these important issues we find, know and analyze the characteristics and potential of the product or products we offer, identify which is our target audience and, very importantly, analyze our competitors and what they offer. If the company has been working for a while now, this task is much simpler, since there is more data available and a base to work on, allowing us to take sales data from previous years in order to make a reliable forecast.


Once all this information has been analyzed, it is essential to set real and well-defined commercial objectives . It is best to establish and describe the objectives to be achieved during the one-year business year. These should be developed taking into account our income needs, the profitability of the business and its possibilities of growth in the market that is located. However, some goals must be established that allow us to achieve our sales, positioning and recognition objectives. You should always be rational and not set goals and goals that are out of reach, simply must be as realistic as possible to reach them little by little.


Next, it will be time to define the sales strategies that we are going to put into practice to achieve the commercial objectives previously set. To develop this point, it is essential to be clear to whom sales are going to be directed and their possible needs and demands. They can be related to different aspects, such as the distribution channel, increase the final sale, improve customer service or change the public we are going to attract more potential customers, among others.


From these data, we must define the tactics and actions that will be carried out to improve the operation of the business and achieve greater growth. Each of these tactics and actions must have a specific execution period, a cost and a return on investment. Thus, it is convenient, among others, to define the channels and arrival mechanisms that allow attracting and attracting new customers as well as loyalty to existing ones. Promotions can be made for sales, marketing actions, increase commercial, change transport company and distribution or enhance the loyalty with points programs or discounts.


Make a strategic sales plan in detail and ensure good long-term results, is not an easy task for any company. Above all, there are many SMEs that do not have the specialized personnel to carry out this type of management. However, they can find a good solution in taking the accounting issues of their business personally through a specialized manager, who makes available to the user all the information and tools necessary for it.