How to make an interesting speech

In school and at work, it is a common occurrence to have to give a speech to your class, your classmates or other potential audiences. Public discourse can be a daunting prospect, since it is solely responsible for maintaining a group of people, both informed and entertained. Speeches often become boring, especially if the topic is dry, but it is possible to make any speech interesting and attractive .

Steps to follow:


Before you start writing, think about the target audience you are going to give your speech to . The type of audience you are talking to will influence the tone you will use and your delivery. What is interesting for a group of people is not interesting for others.


Capture the attention of your audience with an effective opening line or "hook". Try to start with a shocking statistic or a series of rhetorical questions to point to the audience.


Enter some unexpected elements in your speech to make it more interesting . Instead of just standing and talking, take someone on stage to interact with you, get two members of your audience with role-playing games or have small prizes on hand.


Make interesting statistics. If you have to use statistics, help your audience to relate to them, giving them something to visualize.


Use a tone that is appropriate for your audience. His speech will not be interesting if his tone is dry or he uses a language that is above the audience's understanding. However, you must also make sure you do not stultify your speech to the point where it is condescending.

  • Make eye contact with members of your audience, whenever possible, as it will make them feel as if you are facing them personally and try to keep them interested.
  • Do not make your sentence structure too complicated, or your speech will be difficult to understand.