How to make a poster for parties

The patron saint's festivities and other types of celebrations, such as the harvest festivals or those of San Juan, are very popular in the towns of Spain. One of the most typical ways of communicating the performances of the party is to make a sign that will stick to the places of passage and busiest of the town and the surroundings. Although they can vary, normally, the festive posters of all the populations follow a same structure and aesthetics. Below we explain the parts you must have and how to make a poster for parties.

Steps to follow:


In the upper part of the poster we will put the name of the town where the party takes place. This is very important because the site is the first decision filter when going to a party or not.


Second, we must put in honor of what the holidays are because many people remember the patron or patron of the holidays. Sometimes, the festivities of a certain patron have certain characteristics that make these special parties.


Under the name of the population, you can put in small the date on which they will perform the holidays. We recommend you to put it in a smaller size, because afterwards you will detail the days.


Next, you will specify the specific day of the week in which the activities will take place. As for the time, you must write when each activity begins, but it is not necessary to set the end time.


You should be putting information about the following holidays. It is important that if there is a well-known or prominent activity, the bold in bold and larger letter size.


Take advantage of the final part of the poster to put publicity of companies or institutions of the town that can finance part of the cost of the parties. Sometimes, to include data of the company that prints the poster, can suppose a discount to you.

  • You can consult the local printing company to make the poster for parties, sure they already have some example.