How to make an effective sale

If you are employed, whether in the fields of marketing or sales, one of the vital components to succeed is having the ability to make an effective sales pitch . Sales Plazas are designed to persuade people to buy a service or product.

Steps to follow:


Be quick . In the presentation of something, it helps to be concise, since generally not always have a lot of time available. People often have poor attention span and if they do not capture their interest in a certain period of time, they end up discarding. Try to have your speech up to around 225 words maximum. These are often known as "elevator fields" because they should last almost as much as an average elevator ride.


Show them the benefits. Modesty never pays when you are trying to promote something. Tell them things that excite and fascinate about your product or service (for example: It is energy efficient and requires very little money to function). Talk about how you think the product or service will be lucrative, all your first followers and how it is superior to your competitors.


Focus your pitch. It is important to be very specific about the details. Do not be lazy, since it could only end up confusing people. Define exactly what your product or service can do. If you are offering a massage chair, for example, do not just say that it will relax you. Indicate exactly what you can do for the back and the muscles that will work.


Be aware of your audience . The public is key when it comes to sales and marketing. Without an audience, none of those things exist. Think about who you are the address of this information, as well as what kind of information is of interest to you. If you are talking to middle-aged senior marketing executives, consider what might interest you and what kind of goals you might have. For example, they can find products aimed at high school students, since they are likely to have children in that age range.


Be difficult. Avoid the use of loose vocabulary. Show confidence Avoid the beginning of sentences with phrases like "I believe that ..." Instead, assert yourself and say "I know that ...." Avoid eroding your credibility by sounding sure of what you are trying to promote.


Rehearse your presentation. Do not enter your blind sales presentation. Practice your delivery, from the tone of your voice to the expressions and gestures of the hand. Rehearse the pitch in front of your friends for advice, or practice alone in front of a mirror to get a glimpse of what the audience is going to see. Also be sure to keep your practice within the desired time frame. If you have been assigned only two minutes, practice staying within that time.

  • Keep the mood in moderation, with sales arguments. If you make a joke without grace and nobody laughs, you may face an uncomfortable moment, especially when you are already pressed by time with fast-paced sales arguments.
  • Use accessories sparingly. As you will want to avoid being too gimmicky in your sales pitch, keep support to a minimum.