How to prevent my dog ​​from escaping

For any dog owner, the idea of ​​escaping is disturbing and painful. But it is in your hand that this does not happen following some guidelines and being very prudent. From the outset it's a dog education theme since a trained dog will never run away and will always respond to your call.

You are responsible for your dog and if you miss it during a walk, the risks and dangers that can run are large and serious. In .com we are going to give you a series of tips on how to prevent your dog from escaping.

Steps to follow:


Although it is the most obvious, you should always take your dog on a leash when you leave the house for a walk. Choose the one that best suits the size and physical activity of your dog, they can be short, long, stretchable, harness type, etc. Whatever your choice, so you can walk your friend peacefully and without incident. And remember that the use of straps is mandatory in cities, so you'll save yourself a fine.

If your dog has the habit of throwing, you must teach him not to do it and to go with you; in we give you some tips to educate your dog so he does not pull the leash.


A dog needs to walk and play but you must be careful and never let go in any area. In cities there are increasingly more canine parks or areas where dogs can spend a while running without risk of escape. They are well defined areas with security fences that prevent animals from leaving. Many of these areas have games for your dog like tunnels, and obstacles to have a great time and also areas with trees where they can rest and romp.


Your dog is your friend and your life partner, when you create a strong bond with him, you love him and take care of him as he deserves. When your relationship with your pet is very close, it is much harder to lose him during a walk.

The best way to achieve this special union is by playing, giving love and being aware of it. In addition, visual communication with your friend is very important, teach him to look at you and little by little he will understand that language, and he will respect you as his master.


You must teach your dog to come when you call him . It is a basic lesson in canine education, and if you learn it, it is less likely to be lost. The best way to teach your hairy is with food rewards, choose your dog's favorite cookies or prizes so that when you smell it come immediately. So when you go for a walk with your dog, take your prize bag behind and make sure they are very attractive, and each time your pet obeys, give one.


Your dog must always be well identified with a microchip . Remember that in Spain it is obligatory, it is introduced by the veterinarian under the skin of your dog's neck, and in it there is stored the owner's contact information. So if, unfortunately, it is lost, and someone finds it, the data can be read.

In addition to the microchip, it is convenient that you put an identification plate with your name and contact references. Anything that helps your dog get back to you if it gets lost. Now the new technologies are also at the service of protecting your dog against loss and loss. You can use a GPS that is attached to the collar of your dog and control the application from your mobile, to know at all times, where is your dog.


If you have a bitch and is in heat it will be a magnet for all dogs to detect their pheromones. The dogs smell these hormones many meters away, and if you do not take your dog well, you may escape in search of the female. The subject of the zeal is complex but as everything if you are prudent there does not have to be risks.

You can change the route of dog or bitch walk, do not let the dog get too early to get to the dog park, make sure more than ever that he is wearing the leash and first of all, you should be more attentive than ever and take the leash firmly .