How to do SEO on my Facebook page

If you have already read the tips we offered on how to position your website in Google, you may be interested in finding out how to improve the SEO of your Facebook page to improve your position in the search of users.

If you still do not know how to do it, in .com we explain it in a simple way below:

You will need to:
  • A computer with Internet access.
  • A Facebook account.
  • A fan page in the social network.

Name of the page and Vanity URL

We are sure that you are already clear that the name of your Facebook page should be as identifiable as possible and not be subject to modifications if it is not for some really important circumstance (penalized). If it is the same as that of your website, SEO positioning will improve.

To complement it completely, you can also add the name of your company in the vanity URL, click here to discover how.


The social network allows us to add to our fan page a whole series of information, such as what our company is about, the date of its foundation and even where it is located. Add these details is not only necessary for the proper functioning of our community, but also helps improve their performance ... Do not think about it!

Add applications

If you are not a multinational, we are sure that you will not be interested in creating your own applications because of the budget they require. However, Facebook allows the opportunity to add applications through external websites completely free of charge; thus, you can link the Twitter and YouTube account of your company to achieve, not only improve the positioning, but get more interaction.

Consider the EdgeRank

The comments on your fan page of the social network c rean a community; to get them, you must take into account the EdgeRank, a Facebook algorithm that decides if the content you are sharing is interesting or not, making your wall posts disappear from your followers. To get overlooked, it publishes photographs with links at peak times and always asking for interaction.

What Google indexes ...

The search engine par excellence will be based on your first phrase to index the content you are sharing; For this reason, we recommend you go straight to the point with keywords every time you share a publication and leave the greetings for certain occasions.

Link your Facebook page

Go to your website, your Twitter account, your Youtube account, the forums where you participate, your email address and, in all of them, add a link to your Facebook page .

Comment from your page

Use the Facebook of your web page to comment on other fan pages with interesting comments and real contributions, not doing SPAM. Not only you will get links to your fanpage every time you comment and you will be doing SEO of your page, but probably new followers will come to her by giving you a like .