How to follow up a letter, postcard or package with Correos

Correos is the leading company in the postal sector in Spain in the transport of documents and merchandise of a non-urgent nature. Correos sends more than 4.400 million shipments per year and 19 million households and two million companies. We all use Correos to send our Christmas cards or postcards, since some of us still believe in those traditions of yesteryear. Below we explain how to follow up a letter, envelope or postcard in Correos.

Steps to follow:


Go to the main Post Office page:


Click on the "Shipment Locator" option that is in the upper right area of ​​the screen.


Enter in the field "shipping code" your shipping code, to know where to find the shipping code of your letter, package or postcard look at the image of the next point.


This code always starts with two letters and then a string of numbers.


After entering the code in the field to know where is your letter, postcard and envelope.


If you want to consult more than one shipment, enter a code per line, up to a maximum of 10, by pressing enter after each code. You will receive the information in the email you have.


Another option to track your envelope, postcard or package with Correos can go to a post office, here is the link to know where you have a post office near your home: // officesbuzones / 1030-Initial.asp


Finally, hopefully it is not necessary but you can make a claim in Correos to know where your package is, letter, envelope or postcard: //

  • To track a package, envelope, letter or post with Correos we recommend that you keep the shipping slip.