How to track UPS packages

United Parcel Service, known by its acronym UPS, is one of the largest parcel companies in the world, founded in the United States. On a daily basis, it delivers nearly 14 million packages in more than 200 countries around the world. company in one of the most used when it comes to international shipments. If you are thinking about using their services we show you how to track UPS packages quickly and easily

Steps to follow:


If you are going to use the service regularly, it is advisable to register on the website, by being registered you can create your own shipments via the internet . UPS also offers you the option to create a shipment without the need to register with the option "send as a guest"


One of the most convenient shipping options offered by UPS is the collection of packages in your home or office, to schedule a pick-up just go to the shipping tab on the website and press the option "schedule pickup" there you must fill all the data referring to the collection address and package


If you prefer that the shipping work be done directly by the experts you can go to any of the UPS offices with your package and they will take care of the work, you can get the address of their various locations in Spain in the "locations" tab available in the start menu of your website


Once the shipment is managed by any of the channels of your preference, you will receive an order number or tracking, which will be used to track your package in the tracking tab of the website, under the option of "tracking by number"

5 also offers you the option to track your package by reference, you just have to fill in some information, this option is found under "tracking by number"


Another UPS package tracking option is the "email tracking", you can do it with a maximum of 25 packages, if it is a single shipment you just send an email to the address with the number of sending in the subject and you will receive a detailed email with the route of your package. If it is a matter of consulting several shipments, the numbers of each order must go in the body of the message without the need to specify any subject


If you are going to ship as a company, UPS offers you the Quantum View tracking option, which allows you to create detailed tracking reports for your customers with personalized data, in the tracking area you will find the Quantum View option, ideal for business, with information about the service, but you must be registered to use it


In the event that during the process of sending or tracking your package you have any problem or doubt you can contact the UPS customer service center in Spain at 902-88-88-20

  • UPS is a very complete parcel company, with solutions for small and large companies, so you find so many options to follow the shipments, if you need help contact the customer service
  • If you are not familiar with the options of sending and collecting packages offered by the website, it is better to go directly to an office
  • Check with your UPS agent for delivery times and service effectiveness in countries that do not have local UPS
  • If you send something of value ask for the options to secure your package