How to prevent my dog ​​from eating stools

If your dog begins to eat feces, you should be very careful to correct and avoid this habit harmful to health and unhygienic. The cause of your canine companion practicing coprophagia (stool intake) may be due to a nutritional deficit, or it may be a response to anxiety, boredom or stress, and it is even possible that he has copied that behavior from other animals . From .com, we are going to give you some keys to know how to prevent your dog from eating feces.

Steps to follow:


Cleaning and hygiene are basic, so, collect daily the faeces of your dog that you find at home. If there is no defecation at sight of your dog, there will be no unwanted intake.


Distribute your dog's food intake throughout the day, in small portions . He will eat the same, but he will not have any extra hunger need to incite him to ingest feces. Do not forget that many times, that your dog has feces is because it has some food deficit that the animal tries to supply.


Make your dog stay very active and entertaining . Exercise with your dog, be distracted with toys. The point is that you do not feel stress or boredom, because these feelings degenerate into very negative habits how to eat your stool. If you spend a lot of time alone at home, look for ways to shorten those time slots, so you do not feel so anxious.


When you walk with your dog, correct your behavior. Walk holding it tight. If you approach the feces of other animals or yours, be firm and say "no ". Or, you can distract your attention every time you show interest in bowel movements, with a toy or a prize.


One way to prevent your dog from eating stools is to alter the taste of the stool . And this is achieved naturally eating pumpkin, pineapple, or putting something spicy on them. Or there are even products like For-Bid that produce bad taste in the stool of your dog. But remember that this solution should be administered only to the animal that has the habit of ingesting defecations.