How to track the Azkar packages

AZKAR is an Integral and International Logistic Operator of the first magnitude, leader in the Iberian Peninsula and Islands and with full coverage in Europe, capable of providing services to its customers throughout the supply chain, with a wide range of services in different sectors of activity, both for transport and distribution and in logistics outsourcing operations, for the entire supply chain, from the very origin of goods anywhere in the world to the last mile of final road distribution in Europe. Here's how to follow up on Azkar packages.

Steps to follow:


Through the Azkar website you can carry out a complete follow-up of your expeditions. To do this, you must contact the Azkar delegation that managed the shipment, to provide you with a user identification (login) and a password. These two keys will be required when accessing the "Customer Services-Azkartrack" section of our website.


If you want to get in touch with the delegation of Azcar, you have to go to the following website, to locate the distribution center or the nearest Azkar logistics platform. Once the province of your choice has been selected, you will have the complete address, telephone number and time of the centers that the company has.


Another thing you can do is to make a simple follow-up of the expeditions, through the main page of Azkar . You will find it in the lower left part of the page, there you can put the Bar Code, Locator, Unique Number and Reference.


Another option you have is to enter this link and put the reference of your package.


If none of the above options have served to solve your problem. You can get in touch through the following email,


If you want to call by phone, you have to enter the web page of step 2, here you will find the phones you need to get in touch personally.

  • If you want to see the rates offered by Azkar, enter the main page and on the left you will see what it says
  • If you would like to send your CV to work for Azkar. Through the section