How to become autonomous

In times of crisis, a highly recurrent way out is to become self-employed and be your own boss. It is a way of not waiting to be hired by a company and take action on your own initiative. But this leap of independence requires following certain steps to ensure the success of our new work status. Are you thinking of becoming a self-employed worker ?, because in .com we explain how to become autonomous .

Steps to follow:


A self-employed worker or self-employed worker is the individual who regularly, personally and directly performs a lucrative economic activity, without being subject to a work contract and even if he uses the paid service of other people. Thus, one has the status of autonomous worker if he holds the ownership of an establishment open to the public as owner, usufructuary, tenant or other similar concepts.


Persons who are of legal age (18 years in Spain) who have the free disposal of their assets may be self-employed ; the emancipated minors, with the limitations established in article 323 of the Civil Code, and minors and the disabled, through their legal representatives.


To be established as an individual entrepreneur does not require a minimum of capital, unlike what happens with other types of companies. His responsibility is unlimited, so he responds to the activities of his business with all his present and future assets, which means that there is no separation between personal and corporate assets. That is to say, that they can seize him to cover the possible debts that he contracted in the exercise of his activity. Also, if you are married and have no separation of assets, your spouse will also respond with your estate.


On the other hand, the registration of the individual entrepreneur in the Mercantile Registry is optional, that is, subject to the will of the employer. Furthermore, it is not necessary to raise the constitution deed to public by means of a notary. However, it will have to be registered in the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers .


Regarding taxes, the self-employed worker is taxed through the IRPF where he can choose between the Direct Estimate (Normal or Simplified) and the Objective Estimate by coefficients or by signs, indexes or modules. With regard to VAT, you can benefit from the Simplified Regime and the equivalent surcharge when dealing with merchants.

One of the most important steps for many people at the time of becoming self-employed, is having enough organization to keep accounts of your business without making mistakes or breaking the law. To avoid this there are simplified and very effective options, such as online accounting managers, which help the worker in the task of keeping their accounting matters up to date.


Becoming autonomous has many advantages, and although it requires organization and meticulous work, it is possible to enjoy benefits that can lead to professional improvement without depending on a company and a previously stipulated organizational chart.