How to graph with a calculator

Graphing with a calculator saves paper, pencils and time. There are many online chart calculators. Graphs made with a graphing calculator are done in two ways. One requires the introduction of a set of pairs of data points, and the other requires the introduction of the equation of the function to be plotted. Those graphing calculators that accept pairs of point data often offer a number of standard chart format options, such as graph title and grid spacing.

Steps to follow:


Select in the "design" calculator or another graphic type from the menu option to select a type of graphic. Select the graphic option of lines in the menu. Select the background color of the graphic, the color of the line, its graphic design format (for example, in 2D or 3D), the color of the mesh, the number of lines in the network and where the legend will appear in the final graphic


Specify the title of the chart, label the X-axis, label the Y-axis, and the document or item from which you obtained the data (known as the source), in the text boxes of the graphing calculator you are using. Select the number of elements (pairs of point data) that you will graph. In addition, it establishes the width of the line that will graph and any other option of graphic format of the program of the calculator.


Enter the data points in the table offered by the calculator. For this example, enter the data point of pairs (1, 1) for point 1 (or article 1). Continue adding the paired data points. Use (2, 2), (3, 3), (4, 4) and (5, 5) as four other points that you will use to draw a line.


Select the preview option to graphically represent the line on the screen . Check the format of the line, the graphic and the text that the graphic describes. Review the different graphic formats and select a new format to make the changes you want. Draw the graph on the screen and look at the graph with the new graphical format.


Print and save the image with the "Print / Save" option in the calculator. Select print options such as "graphic image with table" to print the graphic. Select the options to save, as an option "pdf" to save the graphic in a pdf file. Enter your email address and press the "Send" button to send a link to the location of the graph, if the calculator you use has this option.

  • Use the online graphics software on the Kids Zone website, in the reference section. Practice changing the different graphic formats and the preview to find out how well the graphic calculator formats work and how special effects are applied. Use the "tab" key on your keyboard to move faster between the different text fields that the graphing calculator requires you to fill out.