How to prevent my dog ​​from attacking other dogs

The idea that your dog attacks other dogs is not pleasant and is an important source of stress for any pet owner. If you notice that your dog becomes aggressive in the presence of another, you should take action as soon as possible. And the technique to change their behavior is to modify their behavior with attention and with a good education. Do not be alarmed, but it is a problem that can have serious consequences. In .com we tell you how to prevent your dog from attacking other dogs.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do is watch your dog carefully to know what triggers his aggressive behavior. He may be aggressive with large or small dogs, and even only when they approach him. It is important to know the root of the problem because it may be showing aggressiveness by domain, by fear or by marking territory. Knowing the trigger, you can know better how to help.


When you start an education treatment to modify the aggressive behavior of your dog, you should avoid contact of your pet with others, unless there is supervision. A good way is to delimit your garden or yard so that your dog can not escape, or if not you have that space, place it in a room separate from any other dog that can enter the house. And when you go for a walk, never take off the leash unless you know for sure that it will not cross with any other dog.


Even if you do not want the idea, you should muzzle it so it can not bite another dog. You will be able to breathe and bark without problem, and you will avoid some unpleasant consequence. Go for a walk to an area where you know you will meet other dogs and bring your favorite treats with you. Before you get close enough to other dogs and your dog gets something aggressive, you must stand and keep it by your side. The idea is that you can see other dogs and little by little do not feel threatened, ask him to sit down and if you notice that he behaves give him some prize.


Try to approach other dogs with caution and calm down. If you notice that your dog is violent, oblige with a clear and sincere order to feel. Do not give in to your nervousness. Wait until he feels, if he does not, he asks again until you get it. When you feel, give him a reward and a good session of mimes and compliments so that he understands that he has done well.


This process you will have to repeat many times and with a lot of patience. Ideally, change places to meet different dogs. You should always try to feel when you order it. You will have to wait for more and more time until the reward you intend to give him. These last steps you should repeat also but removing the muzzle, because that is the true final test of fire. There will come a time when your dog will be totally calm and you can be in the company of others of your species.