How to prevent my dog ​​from attacking chickens

If you live on a farm, one of the most common concerns is that if you have dogs start to persecute and assault the chickens. Many times the coexistence between animals of different species is very complex, but do not give up because with some guidelines and certain precautions your chickens will be safe. Think that by instinct for your dog, a chicken is a prey that must be hunted. From .com we tell you how to prevent your dog from attacking chickens.

Steps to follow:


The chickens of your farm are very attractive prey for your dog, and the key is to teach your furry pet that they are not. It is not the first time that we commented on the importance of an early education . Your dog must be educated and trained not to pursue or attack the chickens. Think that if you reach them, the most normal thing is that you end up killing them, a very unpleasant moment that you can definitely avoid. Maybe if they are your hens, you can compromise a little since it is your dog, but imagine that it kills a neighbor's chickens. In the worst case, the life of your dog could be a serious danger victim of the circumstances.


If your dog is one of those that attack the chickens, you should get down to work to change that behavior. The training of your dog is a constant process and one that requires patience. Without hesitation, it is possible to teach your dog not to pursue any type of bird. You can try to reduce to the maximum the hunting instincts of your canine friend, and train him seriously so that this situation is not so susceptible.


You must take the precaution of keeping your dog always inside the house while enclosing the birds in the henhouse. Because this way you will avoid that when they see the dog, they get nervous and start flying or running around uncontrollably. Think that if your dog sees the chickens fleeing, he will want to go for them and hunt them.


Your dog must wear a collar at all times during the dog education process. You must be able to control any change in behavior and strength. Before your dog sees the hens, it is highly recommended that you take a long and energetic walk . If your dog is tired and with all the energy released, you can face calmly when you meet the chickens.


After having taken a strenuous walk, take your dog to the henhouse without holding the leash tightly. While you approach him carefully, talk to him, look at his face, watch his reactions carefully until he meets the birds and you detect the first signs of his behavior.


You must keep the dog firmly at your side. When you see the hens, you will start to get restless. Once that moment arrives, tell him with confidence and calmness that he feels close to you. If you see it relaxed and without any stress towards them, go back. And from behind he watches his behavior. If your dog turns around looking for your look of approval, give him a prize.


This process of accustoming your dog to the presence of chickens is slow and you may have to repeat it many times until you reach a normal state. Keep watching your dog while looking at the chickens, move slowly back and forth as your dog changes his attitude in the presence of the birds. It is important that you use the "leave" command each time you stop and back off. If your dog behaves well, give him a reward.

And now it's time to get the chickens out of their chicken coop, once your dog ignores or is used to the presence of birds.