How to avoid taking home work problems

In today's society, stress has become part of our lives. It has been installed in our house, inside our. Stress has various effects on our body such as hair loss, cholesterol, among others; But the big problem we face is not being able to separate the stress generated in the work of our family life. When we get home, we bring with us, in our body and in our mind, work stress. This, generates the deterioration of the various aspects of our life. For this reason, we will give you some recommendations so that you can learn to reconcile the labor aspects with the personal aspects.

Steps to follow:


Priorities Take some time to think about your priorities. You must question whether the job demands you are trying to answer merit that you are either away from home or pending work. Evaluate what activities you can postpone so you can return home early. Remember that work is only one aspect of your life, not your whole life.


The work is in the office. While it is not easy, it is important that you start leaving work problems in the office. Begin to exercise it little by little, once you leave work all the problems related to it are left there. An exercise that usually results is walking a few blocks when you leave the office, this way you get rid of everything that happens there.


Habits of conduct. You must have clear working hours and the moments you have to be with your family. Try to respect them, avoid spending more time than necessary in the office. Your family also needs you with her to share their affairs, you must take care of them. They also need you with energy and above all they need you healthy.


Exercises. Physical sport is an excellent method to release stress and worries. While you exercise, you not only release tension but also clear your mind. Also breathing and relaxation exercises usually have positive effects to combat stress.


Distribution of time Sometimes, it is difficult to distribute the times and in that attempt to please everyone, you end up without satisfying yourself. Therefore, it is important that in addition to work and family, a part of the day dedicate to yourself. It can be to read a book, visit friends, or watch TV, no matter what type of activity you do or the time you spend, what matters is that at least 10 minutes a day are for you.


Requirements Try not to consider personal responsibilities as demands. You should try to enjoy your family, take advantage of every minute with them. When you feel exhausted or worried, talk to them, it is important that they know how you are to be able to accompany you at that moment. Many times, an opinion of someone who loves us can make us see things from another perspective.