How to avoid punishment for insulting crime

For the offense of injury, the penalty of imprisonment is not foreseen, but it is possible to punish it with penalty of fine. That is, paying a monetary fee on behalf of the defendant to the court. If the insults are made with publicity, that is, through the Internet or the media, the fine imposed is six to fourteen months. On the other hand, if they are not carried out without publicity, the penalty of a fine goes from three to seven months. In this article we explain how to avoid punishment for the crime of insults .

What is the penalty for a crime of insults?

Apart from the penalty of fine, known as criminal liability, the person responsible for the insults must repair the damage inflicted and pay financial compensation to the offended party, known as civil liability . The amount of this compensation will be fixed in the trial according to the severity of the insults and the affliction to the victim. It is possible that if the person responsible for the insults recognizes before the judge that the insults are false and the insult is denied, a penalty of a lower fine will be imposed. That is, a lower amount will be paid as a fine to the court. The publication of the sentence also corresponds as a concept of reparation of the damage.

How to avoid the penalty for a crime of insults?

The person who has insulted another and is considered a crime of insults, can get rid of the criminal liability discussed in the previous section. In order to get rid of the penalty of a fine, the person responsible for the insults must expressly apologize to the offended person before the imposition of the penalty. This does not mean that the person responsible for insults does not have to face the payment of compensation to the offended party to repair the damage to the honor and image of the victim.

Before holding the trial, it is necessary that the offended and the person responsible for the insults have celebrated an act of conciliation and present the certificate before the conclusion of the trial.

If in the act of conciliation the offended party and the responsible party reach an agreement, the agreement between the parties is respected as it is a criminal offense. On the other hand, if an agreement is not reached in the act of conciliation between the parties, the trial must be held and the content of the sentence respected.

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