How to prevent my cat from releasing so much hair

Cats are autonomous, they clean themselves and it is very nice to have them at home, but, especially some breeds, they have a big problem: they release a lot of hair and stain with it our clothes, armchairs, cushions and quilts, as well as the floor. Although it is something that can not be avoided completely and it is the negative side that it is so nice to caress our cat, in .com we give you a series of tips so that the fur is not scattered throughout your home and answer your question of how to prevent my cat from releasing so much hair .

Steps to follow:


First of all, if your concern that the cat loose so much hair comes from that to some member of the household allergy causes the feline, we must point out that the most common allergies are the cat's dandruff and not his hair. In this article we explain in detail how to combat pet allergies.


If we brush the cat two or three times a day we will get the hair loosened, since we will be picking them up in the brush. Here we explain how to brush the cat.


In addition, there are some special brushes that you can find in any pet store that has metal tines and that are suitable for removing cat hair . They should only be used once a week and can also be used in the belly area, although always trying to do it carefully so as not to hurt the cat in areas where it has less hair.


If we take care of our pet by giving it high quality feed, we will help the cat to release less hair . Thus, excessive hair loss may be due to some deficiency of vitamins.


We can choose to spray our cat with a product that you can buy at the veterinary and that is composed of pheromones. The goal is that the cat is very comfortable, is very relaxed and the loose hair of the cat is reduced .

We must apply it on the palm of our hand and then distribute it all over the pet's hair once a week.


Occasionally, the release of cat hair may be caused by a parasite. So we should go to the vet or deworm ourselves. In this article we explain how to deworm a cat .