How to write a goodwill note for a new job

You have heard the good news. A friend, colleague or relative has obtained a new job . It may be your first job after graduation or it could be a promotion. Alternatively, it could be a new position in a second race. He is very excited and awaits a new chapter in his life. Sit down and write a note congratulating yourself on your achievement and extend your best wishes.

Steps to follow:


Use a blue or black pen and high quality cards or notes. If you are pressed for time, use a greeting card with a brief handwritten comment and signature. Clear a desk or writing surface and have enough space to write freely.


Adopt an informal tone and use the first name of the recipient in the greeting. Keep it simple and brief. Three to five sentences is appropriate.


Use simple language and speak from the heart. For example: "Congratulations on your promotion, Andrés and I are very happy that all your work is being well rewarded, you are the one without any doubt for that company and you are close to leadership, the best of luck in your new position. Sincerely, Maria and Andrés.


Write a longer and detailed note to close friends and relatives. For example: "Pablo and I enjoy walking along Calle Mayor, especially when we have other people in the car, we are very proud to stop and admire his new office, we can not stop talking about our niece who graduated as the best of her class and was courted by a number of law firms in the state Congratulations on her new position and the best of luck in the future, with love, Aunt Celia and Uncle Pablo. "

  • Stay focused on the subject of congratulations through the note. Do not move on to other topics.
  • Check the spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Send the note as quickly as possible.