How to write a business renewal letter

A business renewal letter can serve as a valuable tool for an organization that charges an annual fee. This letter can remind the client, renew the membership. You can write an effective retention letter by following some simple steps. Your professionalism maximizes the chances of retaining a client.

Steps to follow:


Start with the formalities. Write "Dear Member's Name." Using the member's name, instead of a generic title, will make the letter look personal.


Open with the reason for your letter. Write "I am concerned that we have not received renewal of your membership."


Write a paragraph reminding the person of the benefits. For example, "As a member of our organization, you have the opportunity to improve the quality of your life in our community." Keep this section limited to about three important points of sale. This will keep the reader hooked.


Finish the letter. Tell the person to contact you if you have any questions about membership or any other issue. Include your phone number. Close the letter with "Sincerely" and sign it after printing it.