How to prevent my hamster from hibernating

The hamsters, as well as other animals, before the arrival of cold begin to hibernate, the functions of their metabolism diminish and enter a state of tranquility that makes many owners question whether the pet is still alive. This process responds to the arrival of very low temperatures, the decrease of light and the shortage of food, being normal when the animal lives in its natural habitat. But at home the conditions are different, that's why in .com we explain how to avoid that your hamster hibernates in a simple way.

Steps to follow:


In nature, the arrival of winter represents a very hard period, which is why many animals such as bears, turtles and hamsters prepare to hibernate during this period. Some weeks before they begin to accumulate and eat excessively, keeping a lot of food in the sacs of their cheeks. They seek to increase body fat and take advantage of the period in which there is still food to reserve it for the most difficult moments.


When the temperature drops below 13 degrees centigrade, the hamster will enter the hibernation phase, a process that occurs in a few hours. He will look like he is asleep, with little or almost no activity, and the only way to know if he is still alive is to check his breathing.


As domestic animals function differently from those found in their natural habitat, if the animal did not accumulate enough food during the period prior to winter, it is possible that its layer of fat is not so thick as to support the cold months Feeding little, so you run the risk of dying if the temperature is very low.


To prevent our hamster from hibernating there are some simple steps to follow. The first thing is to maintain the temperature of the home or the area where your hamster's cage is located at more than 14ยบ Celsius, in this way you will prevent it from falling into the hibernation phase. Place the cage near a source of moderate heat or acquire in a pet store a thermal blanket for the special cage, this will help to keep your space pleasant.


It is also very important that the cage is in an illuminated place, with good natural light. Clearly in the winter it gets darker sooner, but if the animal itself is always located in a place where little light enters, it will be easier for it to hibernate.


During the winter months take care of the feeding of your hamster and do not let the animal feel that it is scarce. Slightly increase the portions of water and food so that you stay nourished and satisfied, and do not forget to play with it from time to time to make it distracted and active.


If you have not taken these forecasts and your hamster hibernated, you can wake him gently rubbing his body with your hands until you see little by little that he is looking more active. It can take about three hours until it has completely emerged from hibernation, however after awakening you should follow the advice we have recommended in the previous steps, to avoid the animal hibern again.