How to send a labor inspection

It is possible that sometimes we have gone to a business or company in which we find ourselves somewhat unpleasant and strange situations, to the point that they can exceed the legal limits. Many of these can be solved by writing a complaint sheet in the same business to let the authorities know. However, in other occasions you can reach an extreme where we consider the possibility of sending a labor inspection, which we will explain how to do in this article of .com

Steps to follow:


In a labor inspection, a qualified professional of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security will come to the company in question to investigate whether the current regulations are fulfilled as established, especially in those aspects that we have specified in our complaint.


We will have to submit a complaint in writing, in the Provincial Labor and Social Security Inspections . To facilitate the elaboration of the complaint, the ministry offers us a complaint model that we just have to complete, thus speeding up the procedures.


Said complaint shall determine the following aspects:

  • Personal identification of the person making the complaint and signing it.
  • Acts or facts that are cause of non-compliance with the regulations.
  • Place and time at which the events occurred.
  • Identification of those responsible for the infringement.
  • Other reasons that are relevant.


It is important to know that anonymous complaints will not be processed, so the complainant must always identify himself correctly. In any case, the inspectors must respect the confidentiality of the complainant, not revealing their identity to the companies that have been reported.