How to find apartment for rent in London

Finding a flat to rent in London, whether it's a room like a "short let" apartment for rent of less than 6 months is quite complicated, in this article we will explain some good tips that you have to take into account before paying a single Euro. . The first advice is that you look for a flat to rent while in London but it is difficult, for that we leave you a list of cheap hotels.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should keep in mind is the different types of rentals in London:

  • Vacation: Rentals or bookings of apartments or studios with a duration of less than 30 days. All expenses are included and reservations are made online, payment is pre-paid and there are no additional costs. The cleaning of the equipment is daily.
  • Short let: Rental of apartments with a minimum duration of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months. Most of these apartments have expenses included and the cleaning is weekly.
  • Spareroom: Rent a room in a flat that is leased by another person.
  • Long-term rental: More than 6 months. These rentals do not usually include expenses and you must manage the registration of some services (internet, cable, etc.)


The budget you have to rent a flat in London is very important because from there you can decide, size, situation, services, etc.


The neighborhood where you want to live in London, in this great city distributed in 9 zones, you have what we could call the center and the great London. We recommend that you do not live further away from zone 3 because if you want to take advantage of and live the atmosphere of the city you will be very far away and the price of transport will be very high. The subscription of zone 1 is about € 200 per month and the area € 3 350, with this subscription you can make unlimited trips.


The best neighborhoods in central London to live in are those that we could say a balance between, price, services, environment and offer. The best neighborhoods are: Angel, Paddington, Bayswater (a bit touristy), Marylebone.

A little further but they are also very good: Hammersmith, Vauxhall, Brixton, Fulham.


The famous council tax in London, if you rent an apartment in London you should know that you must pay a monthly tax to the municipal government, this tax depends on the square meters of the flat, the neighborhood, etc. The normal for a floor of 30 square meters is about € 75.


The speed in renting the apartment, the real estate pressure that there is in the rents in London is very big so you must start looking seriously at the rental apartment that you want a few days before you want to hire it unless you want to pay a deposit. When you go to see a rental apartment that you like, close it, pay the first month's payment and the deposit and that's it, it's yours.


Here you have a list of the best websites to rent a flat or a room in London:



If you are not lucky in this search you can always stay in a hotel or a hostel, if you do numbers you will see that in the end the price is similar, here is a list of hostels and hotels that are very good.