How to find my ID

The DNI is the national identity document, which is called the same in several countries (Argentina and Spain, mainly), in this article we will explain how to find your ID, you will see that it is very easy. Follow carefully the steps that we indicate below and you will find your ID .

Steps to follow:


The first point you should keep in mind is that you can not know the DNI number from your name. If you have lost your ID, the only option to find it is to do it again.


If you are Argentine or from Paraguay you can find your DNI data on this website, you just have to enter the DNI that you surely have in some invoice: // - Also if you are Argentina (Spanish follow reading) you can follow these steps:

  • Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Management and Participation Centers, or process your ID in the Rapid Centers of the Ministry of the Interior and Transport.
  • Rest of the country: Rapid Documentation Centers, without prejudice of being able to carry out the procedure in the Civil Registry Delegations of their respective neighborhoods or cities.


If you are Spanish you will be able to know the letter of your ID following the indications of this article. You will see that it is very easy. You can also request an appointment to renew your ID very quickly, you have to follow these steps.


In any case if you do not find your ID in the meantime, act with your provisional letter from the police and if you have a passport, for some kind of rigorous and special procedure will serve you. Another way would be to make the electronic ID that is not lost because it is "installed" on a computer.


A recommendation that I make is that when you recover your ID you will learn it to your memory number that saves you from many complications, anyway you can surely recover an official document where you used your ID. In the case of being Argentina, you will have no choice but to go to the National Registry of Persons and there they can give you the number to retrieve it, it depends on what generation you are but if you are born after the 90s the ID number is the same of the birth certificate.