How to start making money with Google

There are many ways to earn money online, you can do surveys, promote products or companies, or earn money through advertising. One of the most used methods and perhaps one of the most direct to make money through the internet is putting advertising on your blog or your website, through Google AdSense you can do it .

Below we will explain step by step how to make money with Google.

Steps to follow:


The first thing you have to do is choose the type of website you want to center your new online business, it can be a website, a blog, a site members, a directory ... etc.

There are many alternatives to create your business on the internet, you can go to the help and hiring of professionals or you can create a web page yourself from this link: click here, .

As recommended content managers for blogs, and among the most commercialized are Worpress or Blogger. Wordpress in addition to being used to create blogs in recent years has evolved a lot, being able to be used to create almost any web portal. The easy implementation of plugins and widgets make many online businesses are based on this content manager, having in one of its strengths the economic cost that results for almost any type of web development that is necessary.


Once you have the blog or web created, you have to start putting content on any topic that you think is interesting or that people visit a lot. Think about your target audience and focus the content you want to publish for them, in this way you can achieve loyalty to your visitors. If you touch many topics and you do not do it well, people will come to your page and when they see such a mess on the web, they will not come back.


Then you must open a Google AdSense account and post your ads.