How to prevent my cat from escaping

Especially at night, cats like to go on excursions outside the home for different reasons, such as the hunting instinct or search for felines of the other sex. These outputs can become dangerous for our animal, so in .com we answer the question of how to prevent my cat from escaping .


Many of the cats that escape from home do so for reasons of having sexual encounters with other cats, so castration can be an action that will help our pet to be calmer and not feel the urge to go out looking for other felines . In addition, with castration the general behavior of the animal will stabilize.


Hunter instinct, very strong in cats, is another major cause of cats escaping from their homes. A good measure to try to neutralize this need of our pet is to buy toys that represent mice or other animals. In animal stores you can find very real representations that can help our feline to devise hunting scenes.

A companion

If we have possibilities, having another cat at home with which our pet can feel accompanied can come in handy to avoid running away from home. Although you will need a process to adapt to a new tenant, the quality of life of our pet will improve with a companion of your species and will reduce your desire to go out in search of company.

Close exits

Although this measure may not be the most appropriate, since we will not reduce the need for our cat to flee but simply prevent it, it is to try to cover all the holes through which it can escape, taking into account the agility that nature has Felines