How to choose a booth constructor for an international fair

The Stand at an international fair takes on special importance because it is the representation of our brand image in a market in which we are unknown. Choosing the right Stand Builder is one of the most important decisions in the planning of the fair, since much of the success will depend on it. That's why in .com we give you some keys so you can discover how to choose a Stand Builder for an international fair.

Advantages of choosing our usual Stand supplier

Choosing a well-known stand builder has the logical advantages of trust, but you have to go further.

Unless the constructor of stands of trust has workshops in the city of destination or that this is within a radius of less than 500 km with respect to their workshops, the costs of the design and construction of the stand must be imputed logistics costs that will make the stand considerably more expensive.

We discourage this solution, unless the budget is not a problem in the choice of the most appropriate provider, since we do not mind taking certain risks.

Advantages of choosing a stand manufacturer in the event city

If we expose an international fair to hire a supplier in the destination to build our stand will have considerable advantages, not only in costs, but also in terms of its ability to respond to last-minute eventualities or small repairs that need to be made in the stand at throughout the days in which the fair is celebrated.

On the other hand each fair has its own regulations regarding the canons and dates of assembly and not knowing them can lead to unpleasant surprises. Additionally, the policies regarding materials admitted to the stand are regulations of each country, so materials that are accepted for example in Spain are not accepted in Germany for safety or environmental regulations.

What criteria to follow to choose the Stand supplier

The main problem when choosing the most suitable company for our stand, taking into account that we are choosing it in another country, is the lack of information that we will have, so the first thing we advise is to expand the information available to the time to make the decision.

We recommend establishing an initial budget for our stand and contacting different local companies so that, based on the same budget, they present their designs for our stand. In this way we can compare the different proposals for our stand at the fair.

Additionally, when comparing budgets, it is very useful to ask the stand company if they have a client from our country who can give us references of their work.

When choosing the best company for our Stand

There are business associations that can help you, recommending suppliers or commenting that other companies in your sector have exhibited in this new market for you, so that you can address them and request a recommendation.

In addition to this type of services, there are different directories of stand companies on the Internet, among which you can find budget comparisons of Stands with experience in different countries.

We are facing one of the most relevant decisions when exposing an international fair, a situation in which we find language barriers and ignorance of the market that will increase our fears and distrust.

That is why it is very important after choosing the best international fair in which to exhibit, choosing the right booth company and for this we take our precautions in this way:

  • Requesting different budgets for our stand
  • Requesting references from stand companies
  • Collect information from associations, companies in the sector and international experts.