How to choose the best social networks for my business

Internet users use social networks mainly to establish friendly relationships, to share tips and information about their interests or hobbies and to consolidate their professional profile. Currently, companies have a golden opportunity if they work their presence in these media: find their potential customers and prepare products and services tailored to their needs. But should a company be on all social networks? .com teaches you to choose the best social networks for your business and the keys you must take into account to catapult you to success.

Steps to follow:


The truth is that it is not necessary that you appear on all social networks . Surely you wonder how to promote your business in social networks, to get it you must do a strong job of analysis and planning to study the audience you are going to go to finally be able to select them.


The first step is to analyze what is the target audience of your business, that is, to whom the product or service you are trying to sell is aimed at, which is not an easy task. Normally, there are entrepreneurs who consider that their product is "for the whole world." From that approach it is difficult to increase the sales of your company, you need to clarify who you are targeting and define exactly who will be the recipient of your message. Now you know? !! Congratulations!!


The second link requires defining the objectives that are to be achieved. In this step it is necessary to ask yourself what are the social networks that my public visits? What contents are of your interest? Could I provide support through them to increase immediacy with my future clients? These are some examples of previous questions that you should ask yourself before choosing social networks for your business .


On the other hand, it is interesting to study the competition to decipher which people follow you on social networks, how much participation your corporate profiles generate or what kind of strategy they deploy in these media. You will learn many tricks to promote your business!


From stipulating who your audience is and what are the objectives you can start to select the social networks that best suit your interests. Next, we are going to list a series of features that the main social networks have, but remember that you do not have to be present at all, choose the ones that can offer the most results to your business and, above all, those that you can manage:

  • If the goal is to increase the relationship with customers: Twitter or YouTube.
  • If the goal is to increase the online presence: Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • If the goal is to attract traffic to your website: Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Pinterest.
  • If the goal is to position your business website: Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.


Remember: It is better to appear in less social networks but well managed and generating content, which appear in all but have virtually abandoned.

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